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SEREP was founded in 1953 and is part of the Le Havre group SOGESTRAN, an inland waterway transport company. Building on this affiliation, it was natural for the company to turn, from its inception, to treatment of the wash waters from oil tanker internal washing operations.

Thanks to the patent filed on the water / hydrocarbon separator, the company rapidly became an essential reference both nationally and internationally. It was during this period that it installed, in over 1,000 ships, equipment for treating ballast water in oil tankers and then bilge water in ships of all types.

In the 1980s, SEREP chose to expand its applications and to turn towards industry. The companies new activities were more diverse than in the oil sector and necessitated the use of state-of-the-art technology. Study and research have enabled SEREP to master treatment processes such as skimming / deoiling, oleofiltration, electrocoagulation via cylindrical hollow anode and catalytic ozonation. In addition to these technologies resulting from research and development, SEREP has become a supplier of complete water treatment systems, capable of combining its equipment with third party technologies (MVC vacuum evaporator, etc.). This expertise enables the company to meet the needs of today's businesses.

And so, in over 50 years of existence, SEREP's goal has always been to improve industrial water treatment. With the combination of its two businesses, the treatment of liquid effluents at the Le Havre plant and the supply of equipment and turnkey systems, the company stays even more faithful to its motto "Pour que l’eau reste l’eau®" (So that water remains water).







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SEREP has been treating industrial wastewater for over 50 years. This experience means that today the company has considerable knowledge in terms of treating industrial liquid effluent, which has allowed it to develop over time technical and operational expertise.

When a manufacturer wishes to clean up at source, the Water Treatment Engineering Department designs and installs a water treatment unit tailored to his needs. This Department also offers laboratory and on-site testing in order to define an optimal water treatment solution from both a technical (investment) and economic (operational costs) perspective.

Conversely, should the manufacturer wish to outsource clean-up of his liquid waste, the Le Havre Treatment and Recycling Center Department offers the complete solution to his needs.

For both on-site installations and treatment at the Le Havre center, SEREP has totally consistent policies falling under the common denominator of wastewater treatment. Over time, SEREP has become a water treatment company offering more than one facility but a single result: industrial clean-up in accordance with discharge standards applicable in industry.