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Équipements & Technologies
skimming - deoiling
The SEREP self-adjusting skimmers combined with a volumetric pumping unit and a SEREP-designed deoiler (completely static with no consumables) allow two liquids of different densities to be separated by density difference. The applications are numerous: API, degreasing bath maintenance by deoiling, deoiling before further treatment.

Skimmers Liftoil 15-30 TI, Liftoil 5080, Siphoil 15-70, Siphoil 1570, Mobyfloat, Mobyduck and Gargantoil, deoilers DE 2, DE 6-8-10 F, DE 12-15 F and DE 20-27 F, Pumps G1G2, G3, G4, G6, G7, G620 and G402, VFA 1-2-3 and 45
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The SEREP Oleofilter is a vertical filter with a homogeneous oleophilic ceramic layer (media manufactured by SEREP). This filtration media enables retention of all traces of hydrocarbons that are nonsoluble or not stabilized by a chemical agent. The Coalescer Filter Separator combines an initial deoiling stage with filtration on oleophilic ceramic.

Oleofiltration (OF), Coalescer Filter Separator (SFC BWN F), Ceramic Oleofilter (CO)
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The SEREP-designed SOLVIN® electrocoagulator provides manufacturers with a compact, effective and easy to use system. The scraping system between the anode and the cathode prevents clogging and enables continuous treatment. The SOLVIN® electrocoagulator is particularly effective in eliminating particulate COD, Suspended Solids, hydrocarbons and heavy metals.

Solvin® 220 and 400
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SEREP is able to determine the appropriate size of a Physico-chemical water treatment station with the different stages that are necessary (coagulation, neutralization, flocculation, and settling). SEREP incorporates into its treatment lines its Clarilam lamellar settler, which offers the customer not only increased performance but is also extremely compact. These discharge water stations enable elimination of particulate COD, Suspended Solids and heavy metals.
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The SEREP-designed Clarilam lamellar settler with self-adjusting floating roof is an extremely compact system for liquid/solid separation via sedimentation by vertical drainage. It consists of multiplying, in the same unit, the water-sludge separation surfaces and enables separation of primary, biological or physico-chemical sludge.
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vacuum evaporation
The vacuum evaporator with Mechanical Vapour Compression allows the manufacturer either to recycle his effluent or to evacuate it into a wastewater treatment plant or into the environment. This technology reduces power consumption and provides manufacturers with a pertinent solution for treatment of oil emulsions or in the field of surface treatment.
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The catalytic ozonation developed by SEREP via its subsidiary Technavox enables treatment of hard COD, refractory to conventional treatment. The catalyst enables better purification yields to be obtained and considerable reduction in the quantity of ozone to be added. This technology is also suitable for use between two stages of a biological treatment in order to increase the effluent biodegradability.
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