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ITE Department
In relation to both equipment designed by SEREP and to third party technologies, SEREP's expertise is reliable and efficient. For all the technologies presented, SEREP can carry out a study, conduct tests and provide a turnkey system.
studies, design & engineering
This service studies and designs, by CAD, PIDs, arrangement drawings, manufacturing drawings, and isometrics, and manages the handover files enabling commissioning of standard, turnkey and non-standard products.
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This service performs laboratory and on-site testing, and auditing (sampling, analysis, optimization of treatment processes on site, etc.).
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equipment & technology
Primary Treatment: Self-adjusting skimmer / static deoiler, Oleofilter (filtering media = oleophilic ceramic), SFC (Coalescer Filter Separator), Self-adjusting floating roof lamellar settler. Secondary Treatment: Physico-chemical treatment, Solvin® electrocoagulator. Tertiary Treatment: Catalytic Ozonation system, MVC vacuum evaporation, active carbon filters, ion exchange resins, etc.
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turnkey projects
Hydraulic work, electrical work, subcontractor coordination, interface management, etc.
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After-sales service
Maintenance contract, permanent spare parts stock, operating contract, telemaintenance, etc.
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