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In order to address the different wastewater treatment problems that might be: deoiling, skimming, recovery of supernatants, pumping, separation of coalescent oils, filtration, or physico-chemical treatment, SEREP proposes a wide range of standard products suitable for water treatment.

This standard equipment, which has been built and proven for many years, continues to attest to the reliability offered by its simple and sturdy construction.

Analysis of the correct choice of materials and equipment for each configuration allows the optimum system size to be chosen in terms of quality, performance and reliability.

Deoiler DE6   Skimmer Mobiduck type 23 TI   Self-adjusting Skimmer Liftoil 15 TI   Deoiler DE2   Self-adjusting Skimmer Siphoil 30
From right to left: Deoiler DE6, Skimmer Mobyduck 23TI, Self-adjusting Skimmer Liftoil 15 TI, Deoiler DE2, Self-adjusting Skimmer Siphoil 30.



In order to be able to address turnkey solutions and to offer a performance guarantee on our installations, we carry out auditing, and on-site or laboratory testing in order to determine the best technical solutions to put into operation.

SEREP addresses all turnkey situations for wastewater treatment with the following technology:

Physico-chemical Treatment

  • Neutralization
  • Coagulation /Flocculation
  • Liquid-solid separation
  • Settling

Electrocoagulation treatment

  • Solvin® Process

Thermal Treatment

  • Vacuum evaporation
  • Recycling, zero discharge

Treatment by Catalytic Ozonation

  • Problem of hard COD

The combination of SEREP's expertise and its experience in incorporating complementary technology is a guarantee for your turnkey solution.



Installation example - Power plant deoiler
Example of a power plant deoiler



For some applications or industrial plants, our equipment needs to be adapted in order to be incorporated in compliance with current standards. Our Engineering and Design office remains at your service for studying, designing and defining the ideal solution, from discussion document to complete technical specifications file.

Mobile electrocoagulation unit   Mobile electrocoagulation unit
Example of a mobile electrocoagulation unit